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Eupraxia - West Salem
480 Commerce Drive
West Salem, WI 54669

Contact:   Brady Warner

Phone:   608-386-8436

Email:   Eupraxiaws@eupraxia.us

Eupraxia: Total Health Solution is an eight week program designed to build lean body mass, improve flexibility and coordination, and teach you the proper way to eat for life. Eupraxia does not teach a gimmick or diet fad, it is a plan designed to maximize your genetic potential. Our program works for everyone, from experienced athlete to man or woman, even if you havenít exercised in years. After the initial 8 weeks, members have the option to go to a month to month or yearly plan at a much discounted rate. Our weight loss program will replace any weight loss program you may currently be paying for. You may even be able to use your health savings account to pay for our program.

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